Handyman Price Guide 2018

Getting a dependable HANDYMAN is made simple here. Your expert jack of all trades at DIY spending plan.

Most mortgage holders have come to perceive that it is similarly as practical to connect with us for basic DIY occupations, supplanting taps, setting up drapery poles, changing the lights, locksets, and so on are simply telephone call and two or three dollars away!

Handyman Singapore Prices

Spare yourself the issue and time by drawing in us to do anything, professionally with significant aptitudes and hardware for all employments.

Style Handyman, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter jack of all trades across the board

Hang pictures, photographs, craftsmanship, painting $10-$15/ea under 1m x 1m measure

Mount mirrors, huge pictures >1m x 1m/> 10 kg fm $25

Mount acrylic board/signage with spacer-jolt $40/4 jolts, $50/6 jolts

Mount enhancing fine art, mosaic craftsmanship pieces $30/set of 3

Hang standards $15/set

Supply and introduce substantial obligation ring snare for swing, support/infant sarong $15 each

Hang floor coverings, cover craftsmanship on divider fm $15

Mount jaw up bar $60 (8 jolts)/$50 (6 jolts)

Expel picture connects and fix bar painting fm $10/part 5 openings

General Installation

Introduce shaft framework closet get together $35/post, racking, drawers, plate $10/pc

Introduce drape bar $35/set 2 sections, $45/set 3 sections

Introduce roller daze/venetian visually impaired $35/set

Introduce L sections racking $25, IKEA LAX divider rack (short) $25, >2m $35

Introduce IKEA Aglot racking principle swagger $30/ea, racking/extra $10/ea

Introduce kitchen/washroom extra from $10 to $30

Introduce washroom get bar $30/set straight compose

Mount LCD/LED TV onto divider $1/inch screen measure eg. max 42 inch LCD $42.

upto 55 inch $80, up to 80 inch $150

Electrical Singapoore Electrician Handyman in Singapore

Change over PLC downlight to LED downlight $50 parts n work.

Change over colorific round tube to LED ring light $50 parts n work.

Change over PLL light to LED PLL light $60 parts n work.

Change over 12v halogen spot light to LED spot light $40 parts n work,

Introduce light installation $35, false roof PLC light $35

Introduce hanging light $35, gem light $50, avoid crystal fixtures.

Disturbing shooting and repairs of lights from $25 avoid parts

Introduce roof fan $65 (with light unit $75), divider fan $30

Supply and introduce IC controller for lighting/fan choice $35

Supply and introduce/supplant roof fan remote control $85

Introduce acrylic board to mount restroom ventilation fan with circling association with light $140

​Replace creator light switches/control point $5/point,

Supply and run new power focuses Single 1x13a $60, Double 2x13a $70

Supply and run new SCV point $110

Pipes Fixing Plumbers

Introduce kitchen sink, bowl tap $20, blender tap $40, haul out fixture sink tap $50

Supplant bowl/kitchen PVC bottle trap $20/set, chrome $45

Introduce kitchen sink including tap, delta and outlet channels $100

Supply and supplant bowl fly up squander set $45

Run/expand new clothes washer/cooler tap point $90

T-out with smaller than usual ball valve at WC and introduce shower tap $60

Introduce moment radiator with shower set $45

Introduce rain shower blender set $80

Evacuation of old stockpiling warmer up to 30 liters above false roof $50 bar fix up.

Introduce stockpiling warmer with pipes $120, $180 establishment above false roof.

Evacuated old and apply silicon sealer for kitchen sink $40 single bowl, $60 twofold bowl,

$80 twofold bowl with deplete board. Bowl $20, Bathtub $80.

Supply and supplant glass shower screen entryway h-seal on base and side $20/entryway under 2m stature

Clear gag at sink or bowl $25

Clear gag at gorge opening $40

​ Carpentry/Timber/Door works Spore Carpenter Handyman in Singapore

Supplant and re-adjust bureau entryway moderate close pivot $10/ea, wide point/substantial obligation pivot $15/ea.

Reposition pivot gap on harmed bureau entryway $20 each

Supply and supplant max 150knm evaluated gas spring on lift up cupboard/dish rack entryway $20/each

Supply and put in new cabinet/bureau bolt $20 each, supplant $12 each

Supply and supplant white cabinet rails $20/combine, $35/match extendable compose

Include new racking in closet, bureau $35/pc up to 50cm/$50/pc up to 100cm

Put in new shed bar in closet $25/pc up to 50cm, $35/pc up to 100cm

Supply and introduce entryway handle bolt $25/ea, lever/handle bolt $45, dead jolt $35

Supply and supplant typical timber entryway nearer $60, substantial obligation $80, remain open entryway nearer $120

Supply and supplant divider mount shower screen entryway pivots $180/combine

Supply and introduce glass mount/corner passage shower screen entryway pivots fm $220/combine

Supply and introduce cross swaggers for shower screen $150 straight write, $220 corner passage compose

Supply and supplant shower screen side and base h-profile seal $20/entryway

Supplant hid floor mount glass entryway nearer $380 incorporate ‘PM’ nearer max glass entryway 1.2m x 2.1m

Minor carpentry/repair work – from $30

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