Virgin vs Remy Hair vs 100% Human Hair (What the Differences Are)

today I’m going to talk about the different types of hair weaves I know people get confused when dealing with virgin remy a hundred percent human human hair quality so I’m going to break down five different types of hair weaves for you and let you know what they are and how much they really should be costing in case anyone’s wondering right now this right here is 100% Indian remnants not virgin it’s just remy hair

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Let’s get right into the different types of hair weave so we can determine what’s best for you let’s start with the notorious virgin hair now virgin hair is going to be some of the most expensive hair that you can buy but it lasts longer than any other type of hair extension if it’s properly taken care of so in order to qualify as virgin hair it has to be 100% pure it cannot have gone through any kind of chemical processing so this hair when you purchase it it has not been permed color treated dyed bleached blow-dried steam treated or going through any other chemical processing it’s from one single donor so each bundle you buy should be from the same donor this is something that has not been exposed to any kind of harsh agents and the cuticles all still have to be intact and running the same direction if these things are not so this is not 100% virgin hair let’s move on to remy hair now some people get confused when dealing with remy hair versus virgin hair especially since sometimes you’ll see packages marked as 100% virgin remy what differentiates remy hair from virgin hair is chemical processing remy hair usually will have the cuticle intact if it’s a high quality remy hair but it may have gone through some type of steam processing even though it might have then died or permed so that makes it not 100% pure because this is not a regulated industry some manufacturers will mark hair that has no cuticle or even here that’s been mixed with synthetics as Remy so be aware when you are purchasing your hair remy hair is a high quality 100% human hair so it’s going to last you longer than your basic 100% human hair if you take care of it it will last and it will still look very fresh months later however it does require more care than your regular 100% human hair so make sure you follow the guidelines that come with the package high-quality Remy Remy hair can also be dyed later professionally if you choose to so moving forward with 100% human hair extensions this is hair that is 100% human and it has not been mixed with any kind of synthetic fibers or heat-resistant fibers although it is 100% human hair like remy is unlike the remy hair 100% human hair has been chemically stripped of its cuticle they do that so that it can be machine processed the problem with this is when you strip the cuticle you’re going to get brittleness you’re going to get the tangling the matting in the back and the dryness if it’s a higher quality 100% human hair it will last a long time even though it might have been chemically treated or colored however it’s not going to last as long as your remy hair if it’s a low quality human hair be careful because sometimes that’s been diluted with animal and synthetic hairs in order to load the price so make sure you pay attention to what you’re getting when you purchase this hair I’m going to show you later how to test your hair before you even buy it to see if it’s going to be a problem with shedding so make sure you stay tuned for that video so what’s human hair quality hair well this hair is not 100% human hair because this hair has been mixed with premium quality heat-resistant fibers or other synthetic fibers so you’re going to have some human hair but it’s not going to be a majority of human hair this hair is going to be a lot cheaper than your 100% human hair okay so be careful with this it usually can be curled and straighten with your hot irons but you cannot die or color this hair because it is not 100% and it’s not going to have um it’s not going to be able to hold that so make sure if you want to buy hair that you can later dye yourself or go to the salon and I get a remy or a virgin hair okay so the human hair quality is going to be cheaper so when you see these hair $7.99 a pack for 14 inches that is not going to be some high-quality hundred percent human hair that is more than likely human hair quality and remember guys because this is not a regulated industry the manufacturers will mark things as something else even though they’re not so we have to pay attention what we’re getting and know what it looks like and what the price is worth last I want to talk about heat resistant hair heat resistant hair is made from a high quality synthetic fiber it’s heat resistant so you can still use flat irons and curling irons on this hair up to a certain degree this is not human hair in any shape form or fashion again they will make it to resemble human hair quality as much as possible in order to fool people into thinking that it is human hair so again beware if this hair will not last a long time and it should it it should be cheaper but be careful you want to make sure you know what you’re getting it’s going to again if when you start saying $5.99 $6.99 be careful because no high quality 100% human hair is going to be marked that low I’m not going to get into the other synthetic hair as far as braiding they’re usually pretty self-explanatory if you if you’re familiar with weaving and you get your hair done a lot I’m sticking mostly to the extensions as far as hair that can be purchased on the track so I hope this video has helped you stay tuned for my next video I’m going to compare two hairs both are sub one’s a remy hair that I love the other one is a virgin premium hair allegedly and I’m going to show you the difference between those two and how you can tell if your hair is going to shed before you even purchase it at the beauty supply store.

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