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An Event at the Beach

My friend Paul, also known in these posts as El Guapo, found himself at Audencia Beach in Manzanillo, a Mexican Pacific Coast town largely overlooked by gringos. Put Paul in a new location, and creativity comes boiling out of him. As part of a project to compile and publish a book of photographs of the beach at Manzanillo, he spent some days prowling the coast with a digital camers. One day, came across a pavilion newly erected on the sand.


Red warning tape marked with the word peligro suggests something dangerous is going to happen here.

Dangerous indeed. There's going to be a wedding. So orderly and attractive are the facilities, one concludes that the Tesoro Hotel has done this sort of thing before.


The hotel is favored by Canadian visitors, and Canadians in fact comprise the wedding party.


I'm intrigued by the image of wedding guests wearing bathing suits.

This bubble blower seems to me to be a figure you'd more likely find on Venice Beach near Los Angeles. I hardly can get my mind around the idea that she's from Canada.


The best man, a sober figure, is unable to go without a shirt, and so stands out among the rest of the wedding party.


The bride and groom sign the necessary papers.


She's gorgeous, a match for Ursula Andress, who starred in the movie 10, filmed on this very spot.

New love, a new marriage, I'm certain the bride and groom have eyes only for each other. But over time, love mellows.


Reading a good book displaces the passion that brought you together. And maybe that's enough.

(Photography by Paul Latoures.)