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Parrot Update

Chiapas, Clint's parrot, has been staying with me, his uncle John, for quite some time now on account of Clint's travel schedule. This is a good thing, because I love that bird. Go figure.

Clint and I are the only humans Chiapas is presently bonded to. He becomes territorial, possessive when other people enter his space, not wanting them to usurp his prerogatives with one us. When another person comes near me, Chiapas becomes hostile, and if he can't reach the intruder to bite her, he bites me.

Other than that, Chiapas and I have a great time. He wrestles with the Boston Terrier, Rosie. He takes naps with me, perching on my knee, one leg pulled up, his head under his wing. He sits on my shoulder when I shower. (Water is good for birds; I just have to keep soap off him.)

He rides on my shoulder when I walk around town. I never realized what chick magnets parrots could be—knowledge I could have used 45 years ago.

Chiapas and I are spending a few days at a friend's house. The situation has presented him with a new challenge:


The cat's name is Gipsy, and he really wants to meet the Chop-man. For his part, Chiapas would just as soon not have anything to do with Gipsy. Rosie is no match for a parrot beak, but cats? Chiapas and I both are relieved that bars separate the two.