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The Chapelmobile

Did you live in a community with no public library? Did you get your books from a roving library—a Bookmobile? Instead of going to the library, did literature came to you?

Well, yesterday I discovered that here in San Miguel, if you can't go to church, the church will come to you.


It's the Chapelmobile.

Now, it seems to me that the Chapelmobile would draw little interest here. We have 29 churches in San Miguel, 28 of them Catholic. Last time I counted, anyway. All this for maybe 80,000 people. I'm sure the existing churches handle the spiritual needs of our residents.

Maybe this itinerant ministry is just passing through on its way to small settlements in the countryside. Even then, almost every village seems to have its little church.

There are places in Mexico where very few people live, that can't even be called villages. These people live off the land, with shacks in tiny clusters without power or paved roads. Being that Mexico is a very religious country, I'm sure there's a demand for services in these small places.

So I guess there's a real need for the Chapelmobile.