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The Bandit of Love

Cheap public transportation in San Miguel is provided by a fleet of buses.


Everybody hates them. Well, the people who depend on them don't hate them. But people who drive, take taxis or walk hate them, because they're noisy, smelly and add immeasureably to the congestion in our narrow cobblestone streets. There's nothing like walking up Hernandas Macias and suddenly having a bus brush your shoulder (giving you a mild heart attack) followed by a few lungsful of diesel fumes.

The drivers seem to have a proprietary connection with the buses they work in twelve hours a day. You see their vehicles parked overnight in residential areas where the drivers live. Sometimes you run across a driver lying underneath his bus making repairs. And many buses are personalized to suit the whims of the driver. Such as this one:


A Christian, this driver wants you to know that God gives you double. Kind of reminds me of the bathroom graffiti I saw as an undergrad at UC Berkeley (to be sung to the tune of the old Pepsi-Cola jingle):

Christianity hits the spot,
Twelve apostles, that's a lot!
Jesus Christ and a Virgin, too.
Christianity is the one for you.

I apologize. The Devil made me do that.

Speaking of the Devil, I just love this bus:


Yes, he's the Bandit of Love. Don't believe him? Look closely. Those are two bullet holes in the windshield on the driver's side.

Just in case you miss the point he's making, he included a couple of pictoral decals:


Obviously he's a man of discernment and refinement.

Why don't we give San Francisco Muni drivers the freedom to express themselves like this? Loosen up, people!