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La Conquesta Continua

Mexico has long suffered from depredation by its muscular neighbor to the north. Texas was lost, then California and New Mexico, finally the Gadsden "Purchase."

Today, invasion is not about political boundaries so much as corporate ones. In Querétaro we got Costco, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Home Depot, Office Max and Radio Shack. In San Miguel, the Mexican supermarket chains
Gigante and Comerciál Méxicana have built new mega-stores. Large commercial centers on the outskirts of town look the same as any in San Jose, California.

One measure of globalism is the presence of fast food chains. Domino's Pizza has operated from its location on the
Ancho de San Antonio for years.


Up to now, the fast food presence has been tolerable. But the other day, we got some bad news. The following is a quote pulled from our English-language newspaper, Atención:

"It’s confirmed—MacDonald’s [sic] is coming to San Miguel. Posters and radio spots have for the past week announced that the largest “fastfood” [sic] purveyors in the world will be hiring locally for a store to be opened soon at the La Luciernaga shopping mall."


What happened to our little colonial town? What happened to our Mexican-ness?

Well, at least McDonald's will be out in a commercial center on the edge of town, next to the cineplex. Until they open their
El Centro branch, that is.