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A Talking Parrot

Hello, my baby
Hello, my honey
Hello, my ragtime gal

Send me a kiss by wire
Baby, my hearts on fire

If you refuse me
Honey, you'll lose me
Then you'll be left alone

Oh baby, telephone
And tell me I'm your own

—Written by Ida Emerson & Joseph E. Howard
Performance by Michigan J. Frog


Our Boston Terrier Rosie, and that leaky bag of feathers, Chiapas, have begun interacting. Chiapas makes a great show of innocently swinging from his rings, luring Rose closer and closer until she's in range. Then Bam! He nips at her. For her part, Rosie thinks it's all a game and keeps coming back for more.

Thus underscoring Dave Barry's notion: He loves dogs "because they are morons."


Chiapas and Rose form a sort of food chain. I gave the bird a piece of my apple turnover. Chiapas sat on the door to his cage, holding it in one foot and nibbling, most of it falling on the floor. Rosie lurked beneath, snarfing up the crumbs.


I previously wrote that Chiapas is a talking parrot. His one word is in Nahuatl and sounds like "suckitup" or "buckaduck". Or something. That's all he's said for a week.

So I was surprised this morning when I let him out of his cage and he said, "I LOVE you."

Now, this bird was bred and raised in Chiapas or Oaxaca by non-English speakers. I assume that if he speaks any English, he learned it from his owner, Clint. A tall, raw-boned Texan. Drives a pickup. Wears a cowboy hat. A man's man.

I simply cannot imagine Clint training his parrot: "I LOVE you. I LOVE you. I LOVE you. C'mon, pretty bird. I LOVE you."

Perhaps he'll explain himself in the comments section. We'll see...

Chiapas says "I LOVE you" for the second or third time. I call Jean. "Jean! Jean! Ya gotta come hear this. Chiapas is saying 'I LOVE you.'"

Jean comes in. "Yeah. Right." (Always the skeptic.)

With Chiapas perched on my hand I say, "Chiapas! I LOVE you."


"No, Chiapas. Say 'I LOVE you!'"


"Honest, Jean. You gotta believe me. He really says it."

"Sure he does. I gotta go now, Sweetie. Things to do. Don't bother me anymore."

She leaves. I glare at Chiapas. He says, "I LOVE you."