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Turn, Turn, Turn

I sometimes run across small businesses the names of which fascinate me.

Up north, everything is franchised. Professionals create the look and feel of small businesses and stamp out hundreds of identical copies. But the price we pay for slick conformity is the loss of the lemonade-stand look.

Not so in Mexico.


A tapicería is an upholstery shop. The fish tells us that the owner is born-again and not afraid to let us know it.

But the name of the business is a mystery. Neither the owner's English nor my Spanish is good enough to convey its meaning. It transliterates as "Jehova Spin." ("Jhire" has the same latinate root as our "gyrate.")

But what does it really mean? Maybe one of you can tell me.

(By the way, I love the artwork and lettering in his sign. You won't find originality like this in Franklin IN.)