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Airport Security

We began our trip to Japan at the Querétaro Airport (QRO) recently upgraded to international status. It's an International Airport because there now is a single daily flight to (and from) Houston. You gotta start somewhere.

The airport is neat, clean and uncrowded. The building was recently erected, and brand-new informational signs have been put up to advise travelers.


Here, Jean is standing... well, actually she's waiting... in the Sala de Espera, the "Room of Waiting." (The sign in English—Boarding Gate—is not a translation of "Sala de Espera," even though the layout of the sign might lead one to believe so.) The yellow sign with the lozenge figure seated next to an unmoving clock illustrates the room's intended use for the illiterate.

How about that other icon?


Yep. No guns. No dynamite. Depicted on one of those circle-with-a-line-through-it signs for quick reading and comprehension. I guess it's something you just can't stress enough with travelers in Mexico.

I bet the U. S. Department of Homeland Security hasn't tackled the dynamite-in-the-briefcase problem yet.