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Wedding Anytime Now

This is the last day before festivities start, so I may not post for awhile.

The families of the bride and groom—at least four families, ('cause we're Californians)—will meet tomorrow morning for breakfast. Then we'll do the ritual last-minute frantic running around, doing all those things left undone, that ought not to be left undone. Rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner will be tomorrow night.

Saturday morning will be spent practicing mild hysteria. That afternoon, we'll hold a minor 20-minute ceremony followed by five hours consuming vast amounts of mind-altering fluids and a couple of soft drinks.

As the official FOB, I won't be taking any photographs. It would be unseemly. But at gatherings like this, you can't keep Jean away from a camera, so we'll have all the embarrassing moments to share on Monday.

Wish us all luck.