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Kiely's Birthday

Granddaughter Kiely turned six last Friday, and a whole bunch of us showed up at her parents' home in Nevada City to celebrate it with her. Jean and I came the farthest, but people trekked in from Sebastopol, Santa Barbara and Lone Pine. A lot of traveling relatives for a six-year-old.


Here we have all of the attendees with the exception of Sam's fiance Kip, who was taking the picture. Here's who they are.

Lower row, left to right:

• Bride-to-be Samantha
• Grandma Jean
• Granddaughter-to-be Cassie
• Granddaughter Kiely, the birthday girl, showing us a bird call

Upper Row:

• Grandpa Gary
• Grandma Sandy
• Kiely's sister Shayla
• Grandpa John, your faithful blogger
• Grandma Betty
• Papa John
• Mama Heather

Plus 1½ no-account dogs.

Kiely is large for her age and continues to grow apace. She's bright and athletic and a bottomless font of energy. Here she is, airing out her two new bottom teeth.


She and her new cousin Cassie met for the first time, which gave Kiely a new outlet for all her energy. Cassie, who is four, is not much smaller than Kiely. They spent a lot of time doing kid stuff and ignoring adults. Kiely repeatedly picked Cassie up. The camera caught Cassie waiting for some chocolate chip mint ice cream.


This may have been Kip's first opportunity to spend much time with his new in-laws. We're just a leetle worried that, now that he knows what he's getting into, he might change his mind. Heather can attest: It's not easy joining the Woods. The wedding will be on October 7th in Santa Barbara, and we'll all be there.


Man it was HOT! 106° We huddled inside the house with the air conditioning on full blast. With twelve of us plus four dogs, it was crowded. Grandma Sandy monopolized all the dogs' attention through the devious tactic of carrying a couple of pounds of treats in her pockets. If we'd had a ref, she might have been red-carded.


From left to right, the dogs are:

Fred (Sam)
Mattie (Sam)
Harry (Sandy)
Lou (John)

All are ratty mutts, beneath any consideration by Rose, our purebred Boston Terrier, with the exception of Harry, a champion Australian Shepherd, who, like her, is descended from aristocratic bloodlines. Here she is, befittingly ensconced on expensive upholstery with a toy Boston Terrier that she likes to bite and hump.


Note her exquisite pedicure. She's relieved that she didn't have to associate with those other dogs in Nevada City. Whew!

One last picture: The future bride and groom posing with John and Matty.


Matty is looking over at Sandy, hoping for more treats. A dog hooked on treats—a tragedy.