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The northwest corner of San Miguel is modest but growing. Olimpo is one of the coming colonias, already a bustling neighborhood.

Many of the streets are as yet unpaved, but Olimpo definitely is urban. Lots of raw brick exteriors, but a few nice buildings: a church, a couple of remodels. The dome belongs to CASA, an NGO working to reduce domestic violence.


The photo above was taken from the Fraccionmiento Los Mezquites. Turn around and walk a few steps, and this is what you see:


Farms in Berkeley? We got 'em right here in San Miguel. This one is surrounded by housing tracts.

It's a bucolic scene: a watermelon hanging from a vine, a dog lying by a dirt road, a cow chewing its cud. You won't see anything like this in Sunnyvale.

See how the low morning light shines through the cow's translucent ears. Let's see if we can get a close-up of that...



THAT's not a cow. LOOK at those HORNS!

It stands right up, alarmed, when I approach. On guard. Watching me suspiciously. Ready, if need be, for action.

I don't know how long or strong that rope is, and I'm not about to find out. I'm outta here RIGHT NOW!

[Got a nice shot of his ears, though.]