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Welcome to Our Quiet Hotel

We've driven through Guadalajara maybe eight times, on our way from San Miguel to Banderas Bay (Puerto Vallarta) and nearby coast locales. No autopista (interstate highway) goes around or through Guadalajara, so Mexico's second-largest city has always been an obstacle to overcome: thick traffic, incredible congestion, kamakazi drivers, predatory cops, and incomprehensible routes.

But west of the Centro Historico, upscale shops and university buildings front the tree-lined expressway, calling passers-through to stop and rest awhile. Every time we've driven through, I've promised myself that one day, I'd visit Guadalajara. Now we're doing it for the first time.

Villa Ganz is an elegant ten-room hotel in the heart of Colonia Lafayette, that inviting tree-lined district, a couple of miles from the touristy madness of the Centro Historico and the tacky high-rise "five-star" hotels down by the airport.

On entering our room, we found a lovely hospitality tray.


Aah. This is the way life should be. Yes, the wine is a screw-top, and it's from a winery in Baja California, but it is a Cab. Jean says it's delicious, and she should know.

And what's that on the plate? A little cheese treat? A couple of mints?


No, it's a pair of earplugs.

How thoughtful. After all, we are in Mexico. And Mexico is always noisy.

Last night the Guadalajara futbol team was playing Toluca in the semifinals for the first time ever. We could hear cheering from the stadium. Two big yells: when Guadalajara scored its early goal, and when Toluca scored its last-minute equalizer.

After several years of living in San Miguel, we're no longer bothered by noise. I just tune it out. Last night I went to bed around ten, the sound of exploding rockets lulling me to sleep.