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Arlington Theater

This here is the Arlington Theater, a Santa Barbara landmark.


Mission revival in style, the building fulfills a function never imagined by mission-building padres.


The theater shows movies and presents live shows.


Look at that ticket window. Arches beckon within.


I'd like to post a photo of the interior, but we didn't go inside. I recall from a previous visit, the remarkable ceiling inside. Around the periphery, silhouettes of the Santa Barbara skyline are backlit. The ceiling itself is indigo, with pinpoint lights set into it in the exact pattern of the night sky. You can make out all the familiar constellations.

Only a few of the old '20s theaters remain, but fortunately, they're being saved and restored.

Little known fact: The Arlington also serves as Santa Barbara's missile defense system.


OK. I made that up.

Actually, this is a sculpture of a hypodermic syringe.