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Pescado Salvaje

In California we buy "fresh" fish neatly filleted and cello-wrapped in the supermarket. For company, we buy the pricier fish on ice in the butcher counter.

Mexicans pretty much buy their fish the same way. But in San Miguel, there is a third option.


One of the more engaging aspects of life in Mexico is that people still come into town to sell stuff they gather in the countryside. It's quaint. It brings us back to an earlier, simpler time. It connects us with our roots.


Now, before you get too sentimental, I must note that these fish probably were caught in the Presa Allende, an agricultural reservoir so polluted that you risk contracting diarrhea even just looking at these pictures.

There's no way in hell I would ever eat one.

But someone does. I caught this fisherman on two different days. Presumably he manages to sell his fish 'cause he keeps coming back.

I guess I'm just a prissy Norteamericano. A wuss.