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Serial Rapist Captured

On Wednesday this week, the serial rapist attempted another attack on a single woman living alone. She escaped unharmed, but the police flooded the area where she lived with extra officers, and the following night, they caught the perpetrator. He has been positively identified by at least one of the victims, and his DNA matched that left at the other crime scenes.

This is a big deal. People have been frightened and discouraged that this man was running around unchecked. We have all reviewed our home security situations and made improvements. There has been anger directed at the police, anger directed by Mexicans toward the vociferous expatriate community, and resentment by Nortamericanos directed at the perceived unsympathetic attitudes of some Mexican residents. We're troubled that these unfortunate attacks, besides inflicting injuries directly on the victims themselves, have also caused strife and unrest in our community.

On the other hand, some good things have come of this. Our police forces have been strengthened. Neighborhood watches have been set up. Some Mexican women have been encouraged by the example of the gringas who demanded action and justice. Too often, rape is not taken seriously in Mexico, and victims often are dissuaded from pressing their cases.

The rapes have been widely reported in the American press, because San Miguel de Allende is a major tourist attraction and retirement center, and many of its residents and visitors are prominent people in the U. S. Frequent articles in major publications such as the New York Times and Forbes, to name two, extol the virtues of our little town. It's often on "top ten" lists of places to retire or places to appreciate art. So press reports about a serial rapist tarnish our image. Local businesses are feeling the impact as people cancel visits. Decisions to buy homes or move here are being postponed.

The capture of Jose Luis Alvarez Gonzalez has brought much relief to everyone here: residents, visitors, business owners, the government and especially, to the victims. Governor Hicks and everyone connected with the justice system of the State of Guanajuato, know that the disposition of this case will be watched very closely by everyone concerned.