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Awkward Wedding Moments


These are pictures you just wish would get lost.

WB06Oh God! It's Dad and his stupid blog again. Now what the hell?

WB03So, young man. Exactly what kind of job do you have?

WBX15Humph. I've seen some good weddings. This sure ain't one of 'em.

WB07Oh man! Would you get a load of her dress!

WB09Lockwoods and Woods react to Jean's singing.


WB12Douche with Listerine and you'll never offend!!!

WB13Yes he's cute. And he's all mine.

WB14Why yes, I'd like a gumdrop.

WBX15My God! A perfect high "C."

WB16Mommy! Make them all go away.

WB17Why yes. I am related to a dentist. How did you know?

WB18Two dentists flank the perfect smile, dismayed at the potential loss of fees.

WB11What was I thinking? Dad! Get me out of this!