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The Doctor Calls

Jean had some complaints and wanted to see the doctor. It was nothing urgent, so she didn't need to go to the emergency room at Hospital de la Fé, nor to the highly-regarded Hospital Civil. An office call would suffice—perhaps one of the several doctors we've gotten to know in the years we've lived here.

But in Mexico, there's another option: Doctors make house calls.

Yes. Just like when I was a kid, the doctor will come to your house if you want him to. You pay a small premium for him to come over, but it means you don't have to travel when you don't feel up to par, and you don't have to read last year's New Yorkers in a waiting room while the doctor struggles to catch up with his schedule, and you don't have to breathe aerosol bugs sprayed by the sneezing guy sitting next to you.

It's worth the ten bucks.

So Jean called Dr. Jorge Martinez and asked him to visit. Here he is with Jean, taking her complaints.


Now, doesn't that look pleasant? Instead of a soulless clinic, Jean and the doctor sit on loveseats in our outdoor sala, enjoying a sunny, warm day, breathing the scent of blooming vines.

Dr. Martinez is an excellent physician. Like many Mexican doctors, he is a superb diagnostician. (Lab work is a heavy financial burden for many Mexican patients, so it's important to reach a diagnosis as directly as possible.) He has an comforting bedside manner, and he carries a supply of commonly needed medications in his little black bag, often saving you a trip to the pharmacy.

Also, Rose likes him.

(Rose is our Boston Terrier, seated beside Jean.)

Dr. Martinez has a substantial following among the gringa (female Norteamericanas) population of San Miguel, because of his elegant manner, his friendly demeanor, and because he is very handsome.


The gringas call him, "Dr. Gorgeous."