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Flower Ladies

All around town we see flower vendors. It is a mystery to me whether they are licensed or if they just set up shop on some corner. Knowing the way officialdom works in Mexico, the odds are good that someone with a title receives unreported cash to ensure that women like these are permitted to ply their trade unmolested.


Some set up tables near the entrances to important buildings, such as this one which is alongside Bellas Artes. Others just find a wide place on a sidewalk.

There is no excuse for not buying some flowers on a whim. They're cheap and they're everywhere.

Most people regularly have fresh cut flowers in their homes. If the selection on the street doesn't include what you're looking for, there are larger outlets in the Mercado.


One flower lady specializes in long-stemmed roses, She is a fixture at the corner of Pila Seca and Aldama, near my home. I pass her every day on my way to do my errands.


Her price is right. A dozen roses cost $5. This is the inflated Centro Histórico price. A friend who lives over in Colonia San Antonio buys hers from a door-to-door vendor for $3.50. When we visited San Francisco in July, I saw a kiosk in the Embarcadero Center selling loose roses for $7. a stem! Flowers there are a luxury indeed.

Under an arcade in the main plaza, an old woman sells dried flower arrangements. Her timeless face and bottomless patience help maintain the ancient flavor of our city center.


What wouold we do without them? The flower ladies are part of what makes living here so magical.