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Villa Ganz

Our hotel in Guadalajara is Villa Ganz, a nine-room converted mansion situated in an elegant neighborhood where the privileged and wealthy once lived.


It's pricey, but our money buys us respite from the tumult of the semi-riot that is Mexico's second-largest city. Villa Ganz belongs to an association of small hotels: Hoteles Botique de México. The group has 45 hotels throughout Mexico, and includes La Puertecita, where Jean and I first stayed in San Miguel, taking Spanish lessons (four hours per day!) from the gracious Adela Sanchez.

Mornings are especially pleasant. We're early risers in a country where people go to bed at two and get up around ten. So we have the place to ourselves for breakfast.


There's something terribly elegant about a carpet on a lawn, if you ask me.

(That's a poinsettia behind the table.)

Yesterday, Jean and I went our separate ways; she to Tlaquepaque for some serious shopping, and I to the city center to try to capture some Mexican flavor with my camera. We arrived back at Villa Ganz with sore feet and backs, and sat in the lounge drinking agua de jamaica (iced tea made from hibiscus blossoms), listening to Guadalajara's excellent classical music FM station.

This morning, the sky is a startling blue. It'll get up to 80°.


I wonder what it's like in Madison, WI?