Porta-Potties | California | Living in Mexico


There's not enough public restrooms in the U. S. You're a tourist in some strange place and you gotta go. Bad enough you don't know the layout of the place you're visiting. Hard to find some facilities. Discomfort increases.

You go into a store and ask. The clerk makes you feel like a bum and refuses. "Sorry. It's for employees only." Bitch.

Now you're desperate. You go into a café. A sign says restrooms are for customers only. So you buy an unwanted cup of coffee, dump it in the trash, and use the facilities.

It's better in Mexico. In Mexico they understand how it is when you gotta go. In Mexico, you often have a condition that makes bathroom access urgent. In Mexico there's lots and lots of children who need the bathroom at inconvenient times. So, there's lots of public bathrooms. And nobody refuses you when you ask for one. Because these people understand. These people have been there.

At the Santa Barbara Farmers' Markets, they get it too. In a corner of the parking lot where the market is held, there's a couple of porta-potties. They unfortunately are located upwind from the the food stands, but hey—at least they're there.


They're nice modern ones, and they're clean, if a little smelly.

But wait a minute. What's that thing Jean is standing at?


Why, it's a porta-vanity!

Jeez. All these years we survived wiping our hands on our pants. Now someone in the health department has decided you gotta be able to wash up afterwards, too.

We're all getting so scared of picking up a few germs. What a bunch of pansies we're becoming.

I recently read that the reason there's so much asthma and other respiratory ailments is because kids don't get to play in dirt, so their immune systems, having nothing better to do, attack their own otherwise healthy bodies.

When I was a kid, I used to run around in the chicken coop in my bare feet, chicken shit oozing between my toes. I have never had asthma. Q. E. D.

I'm waiting for porta-showers.

To my Mexican friends this September 16th., ¡Viva la revolución. Viva México!