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A Computer Shop

High import duties make computers way more expensive in Mexico. Also, for some reason, the latest machines aren't available; you have to make do with last year's model.

A plethora of small, independent sales and service shops offset some of these disadvantages.


Owned by knowledgeable geeks, they'll fix your machine quickly and cheaply, although you may wind up with a Spanish-language version of Microsoft Word. Or, if you want a new machine, they'll build you one from scratch. That way your computadora will have newer hardware, and the duty penalties will be smaller.

This place caught my eye because its name is intriguing.


Mayan Digital Technology? Was Silicon Valley anticipated in the Yucatan? Did tech companies spring up along the Puuc Road?

Who knows how far their science went. After all, they did have the most sophisticated calendar in the world until modern times.


I have an old out-of-warranty laptop with a bad motherboard. Dell will replace the motherboard roughly for the cost of a new computer. Mayan Digital Technology says they will repair the motherboard for maybe 25 bucks. They think it's just a bad solder joint.

I'm developing a real appreciation for Mayan technology.