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Butt Crack

I think it was an episode of the '80s sitcom Golden Girls that dealt with this issue. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia make snide remarks about a plumber who, squatting under their sink, exposes his nether cleavage. Late in the show, one of the girls learns that the cause of such pants-lowering is the weight of the tool belt.

Ho. Ho. Ho. Chuckle. Aren't we slightly ashamed of ourselves.

(Golden Girls was pretty lame, if you ask me.)

Mexicans generally are a modest people. Okay, I realize that variety show hostesses flash a lot of skin, but your ordinary citizen covers up. In decades of observing Mexicanos, I have never caught a glimpse of a butt crack. It would be unthinkable.


This bricklayer is the exception that proves the rule.

It's hard to imagine how he could have let this happen. There are no women about, so he's not being coy. I can only conclude that he is careless about his dress and person.

This photo makes another point: the Golden Girls are wrong. This man is not wearing a tool belt.

No. The reason we men accidentally reveal our butt cracks is because we don't have any hips. So our pants slide down.

(The writers for the show either must have been all women or men who remained seated all of their lives.)

One could argue that trousers are, for men, a poor solution for covering behinds. Dresses would work much better, suspended from broad, manly shoulders. It's women, with their protuberant hip bones, who are ideally adapted for wearing pants.

Who wears them in your family?