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Adjuntas del Rio
—which I'll loosely translate as "Riverside"— is a tiny pueblo near Delores Hidalgo. There can't be five hundred people living there. But even as few as five hundred need some essential services, and Adjuntas del Rio has the basic ones.

First and foremost, there's that Mexican sine qua non, a tortilleria. Seven pesos per kilo. So nobody goes hungry.


The other business that operates at the main intersection in the center of town is the more interesting one.


Yes, it's Computer World. Sales, service, shipping, candy and popcorn, they've got it all. I can't imagine that their sales volume is all that great. Then again, it doesn't take much hard cash to live in Adjuntas del Rio. I wouldn't be surprised to find that the bulk of their business is conducted by barter.

But what really makes this place sing to me is the image of Homer Simpson, studious in his reading glasses, emblazoned on the front of the building.

What exactly is the intended message here? I mean, why would you want to associate a doofus with your high-tech business?

I can only imagine that the owner is unfamiliar with Homer's character.

Just wait until he finds out.



(Thanks to Doug Lord for retrieving the name of the town, which I had forgotten to record.)