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The Mexicans are Coming.

From our vantage point here in central Mexico, I note with some amusement, the progress of the reconquesta (wiki). Mexicanos have pretty much recaptured Southern California, and are making good progress annexing parts of the midwest (which to my way of thinking can only improve it). Officially, Los Angeles may still be governed from Sacramento and Washington, but Anglos have already lost the culture wars there.

The other day I ran across an image of a KRCA billboard in Gustavo Arellano's excellent column, ¡Ask a Mexican! That's KRCA TV, Channel 62, Los Angeles. Note that it is not in English. No need for it to be. Think about that, Minutemen.


Gustavo points out that this image will tell you more about Mexican culture than his column ever could. Here we have jolly Don Cheto, along with an idiot in a Pancho Villa getup, another idiot in ridiculous plaid pants and a midget. Boy, this is gonna be good, ¿No? These men are the show's stars, and they engage in an hour or so of incredibly lame comedy of a type loved by Mexicans. Their shtick makes Caddy Shack look sophisticated.

I love the complete absence of political correctness in this billboard.

Along with the fat guy and the midget, there's five women sporting impressive gazongas and showing a lot of skin. Red bras as outerwear! That'll stop you from clicking the remote.

Note that the outer four women each have an arm raised, framing the other actors. Ta-Daa! How about all that cleavage and tummy on the dolly in black? Probably an anthropology postdoc supplementing her income.

A Mexican entertainment show without a sprinkling of bimbos is no show at all. Hell, even the cooking shows have a covey of undulating, hyper-enthusiastic chicas, squealing and laughing and shaking their tushes.

Women on Mexican TV are nobodies. They serve only to enhance the presence of men, exactly as God intended them to. The show's producers no doubt would approve of Borat's remark when introducing his 12-year-old daughter-in-law: "She no have name. She girl."

You may not like this stuff. Tough. Mexicans are coming and bringing their culture with them. They're coming to do the jobs our children are too rich or too proud or too lazy to do. They're got more energy and initiative than most of us. And they're leaving their mark on good old American values. So we'd better get used to it. And understand it. And get to like it.

For my money, it's the best thing to happen to the USA since the Irish flooded into Ellis Island.