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Kyoto Arrival

Kyoto is jammed with tourists. Most are Japanese, visiting a city which encapsulates old Japan. We got off the Bullet Train too early to check into our hotel, so we rode by taxi to a Buddhist temple perched on a hillside. The street leading to it was crowded with throngs of tourists, schoolchildren in uniforms, and pilgrims striding along in hiking shoes, pounding their walking sticks on the pavement. Souvenir shops lined the road. One offered a gummy charcoal-black confection. I didn't sample it. Looked like wheat gluten to me.

The temple was the real thing, but it looked like something out of a Japanese Disneyland. I didn't learn anything about it; I just enjoyed the view.


Somewhere along the way, we encountered a large group of small stone effigies wearing little aprons.


What were they? Andy or Steve may have given us an explanation, but exhausted from our travels, I couldn't recall anything they might have told us.


We also visited Sanjusagendo Temple, a repository of 12th-Century Buddhist statuary. The temple contains 1001 statues of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy. We were asked not to photograph it, but the link will take you to images of this spectacular display.