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Clean Up After Your Dog

For Sale! A lot on the northwestern corner of Calles Tenerias and Suspiros. The house ain't much, but you're not buying it for the house. A family is living there now, but you probably won'r want to.

Here and there around town, you come across places like these. Some have running water, but many do not have electricity or telephone. Some don't have gas, so people laboriously walk to the outskirts of town to gather dead branches: Firewood for cooking dinner. There's no fireplace or stove; just three rocks on the ground and a hole in the roof.


A Ruin of a House.

The people who live here certainly do not own the lot. They probably are paying a nominal rent, or working for the owner, or squatting. But they have civic pride. The sign in black paint is their message to passers-by to keep the streets clean.


A Warning to Dog Walkers.

It reads: "Pick up your dog's poop. Or eat it. Don't be pigs. The streets of our city are not dog toilets. —The Neighbors."

By the way, the lot will sell for six figures—in dollars! Whoever buys it will tear down the house and replace it with something elegant. Their property values will no doubt be enhanced by the pristine surrounding streets.