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Cephalopods for Lunch

The current cold snap up north is being felt in Central Mexico, too. Overnight lows are in the high 30s, daytime highs are in the mid-seventies. I don't know how we stand it.

On a frosty morning walk I noticed this sign.


It's the No Name Fish and Shellfish Restaurant.

The sign caught my attention because the lettering was neat and colorful, although I think it could lose the droopy serifs on the P and the M. What particularly intrigued me, though, was yet another example of using a living creature's happy image to whet appetites.


Here we have a jowly octopus (or strictly speaking, a pentapus) representing a meal. Actually, octopus, called pulpo in Spanish, is widely consumed here, and is, en mí opinión, delicious. But then, I eat tako sushi.



But I digress.

The sailor hat is a nice touch. The octopus's expression could use a little punching up; I can't decide if he's smiling or gritting his teeth. Good orthodontia, though.

Bottle of beer? Must be party time.

A truly individualistic icon. Disney never reached this level of hominess.