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San Miguel Vistas

As I read over old posts, I wonder if you think I'm too cynical or negative about my country of residence. I think some of you know that I love Mexico, especially its idiosyncracies and foibles. Erratic drivers, intermittent water supply, dysfunctional government, corrupt officials—flaws like these are what makes Mexico attractive, interesting and fun.

But I haven't written much about the beauty of this country. And it truly is beautiful. This morning I was at the Mirador (lookout) on the Salida de Querétaro and snapped these photos.


San Miguel is situated on the west-facing side of a bluff, yielding views of the presa (reservoir) and the lovely Guanajuato Mountains in the distance. The city is full of trees; laws discourage cutting them down. Sometimes it feels like living in a park.


The historic center is marked by several large churches. The gothic-looking structure is the Parroquoia, a San Miguel icon. The stonecutters who built it lived in my house while they worked here. Full scale drawings of the columns and ornaments were painted on the front of my house for use as patterns. Sadly, they have faded and when my neighbors paint the front of their house in a few days, the last vestages of these images will disappear for good.

My house is located (approximately) in the lower left corner of this picture.

I walk the streets of San Miguel every day as part of my exercise regimen. The beauty that surrounds me never fails to inspire, whether it is a fantasy mansion in Ojo de Agua...


... or wildflowers blanketing a slum hillside in Colonia Olimpo.