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Adios Republicanos

The voters decided to throw the rascals out. What I don't understand is, only two years ago, they were voting them in.

What changed?

To many, the consequences of sticking with the current policies were clear, and they voted accordingly in 2004. But many others supported the President and his minions.

Last Tuesday, they changed their minds. Why? The situation hasn't changed. The same partisanship, corruption, militancy, mendacity, irresponsibility, and hubris ran rampant in Washington two years ago, right out there in broad daylight for anyone to see.

My theory: A bloc of voters too uninformed or stupid to make reasoned judgments blindly accepted the fear-mongering of the President two years ago. Their tiny little minds needed another two years to come to the realization that his policies were dumping the country into the toilet.

Plato said that democracy is the second worst form of government—little better than anarchy. Was he right?


The count goes on in Virginia, where the fate of the Senate will be decided. I saw this in the New York Times this morning,

In preparation for certifying the outcome, election workers in Virginia examined receipts from electronic voting machines on Wednesday.

Doesn't this photo and its caption bother anyone?

The question of who will control the Senate of the United States is going to be decided by an election worker checking vote counts using a calculator that has no printer. So the only evidence we will have for his decisions is his word.

"Seriously, guys. George Allen won. There was an 8,000 vote error in Jim Webb's totals. See? Right there on my calculator. Minus 8,256. Honest."