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The San Miguel Tecos

Futbol (soccer) is, of course, way big in Mexico. During the World Cup games, there was no—I mean absolutely no—traffic moving on the streets of San Miguel. Everybody was watching TV.

Our town has maybe a dozen soccer fields. None of them have any grass, but that doesn't discourage anyone. We have many youth teams, but unlike in the U. S., high school and college teams thrive here as well.

I saw this team forming up in Juarez Park the other day.


They are the Tecos, short for tecolotes which means "owls." Their name has been lifted directly from the professional soccer team associated with the Universidad Autónomo de Guadalajara, That's why it says "UAG" on the owl logos on their jerseys.

(Copyrights? We don' need no steenking copyrights.)

The professional team seems to be undistinguished. The UAG fight song suggests unrealized ambitions. Sounds funny to me. You can listen to it here.

The UAG team also has a website, but anyone who visits there is denied access. As Borat says, "Niiice.

But the kids don't care about any of that. They're at that wonderful, innocent age when all they want to do is play ball.

I think they're cute.