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I've been walking vigorously for an hour each day and working out at Lobo's Gym three days a week with a friend who is also my personal trainer. All this in an effort to lose weight and improve my health.


Six weeks to go, and I've lost 14 of the 15 pounds Dr. Hoffman wants me to lose. Pants hang on me. I can tuck tee shirts into my shorts without looking silly. This morning I was looking at my shirtless reflection in the bathroom mirror and noticed I was developing a bit of chest definition. Cleavage. Found myself getting a little excited.

My mind began to wander. A pint's a pound the world around. To a first approximation, fat has the same density as water. So I must have lost a volume of fat on the order of 14 pints--1.5 gallons.

Imagine a gallon and a half of yellowish tissue. Bleah. Take a gallon jug of milk. Put a half-gallon jug next to it. That's how much fat I've lost. Where did it all come from? I don't think I look that much thinner.

My BMI calculates to be 27.3. The National Institutes of Health says 30 or more means you're obese, although I found one website that thinks 28 is a better number. I choose to ignore them. (If you can't trust the government, who can you trust?) NIH also says that a BMI of 25 or more is overweight. So I know that Dr. Hoffman is gonna ask me to lose another 15 pounds, dropping me to 170 pounds for a BMI of 25.1. Allowing for clothes, I'll be golden at that weight.

Four and a half months ago, what put the fear of God into me, and a no-more-nonsense look on Dr. Hoffman's face was that my blood sugar level was around 200. 200 what? Beats me. But 200 is bad. He called me pre-diabetic. He said that I didn't want to be diabetic, especially with my heart condition.

Recently I was talking to a friend. I told him all of the above. I said 200 was bad, bad, bad. He said, "No it isn't. 240 is bad. 200 is OK."

I figured this was just denial and justification, so I looked it up on the internet. Aha! 240 is the limit for a glucose tolerance test. 200 is the limit for fasting glucose levels. Mystery solved.

Wait a minute!


An hour before they drew blood, I'd eaten a muffin, scrambled eggs, sausage, orange juice and coffee with sugar. Oops.

So is this whole thing a mistake? A MISUNDERSTANDING? I've been doing all this exercise and diet modification because I didn't receive/read/understand/obey some stupid patient instructions?

Jeez. What if the numbers had indicated amputation? I mean, doesn't anybody ever check this stuff?

So now the question is, did I make a valid decision when I agreed to lose 15 pounds? It was based, after all, on a false assumption. I'm certain as I'm sitting at my computer that when they run my blood sample in October, my FASTING glucose is gonna be like 23 or something.

I feel sorta stupid going down to the gym and humping my butt with free weights when it's all based on a mistake.

After considerable thought, I've decided to stay with the program. I think I'm falling in love with my bathroom mirror image, and I'd like to see where it all leads.