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Mexican Brands

In any city, you'll see brand name distributors' tricks visiting retail outlets and restaurants.


Norteamericanos are amused by some Mexican brand names. Well, at least I am. For example, take the truck on the left.


Here's a brand name that would never fly in the U. S. It the kind of product name you'd expect to find on The Simpsons. Fud Beer, the lighter alternative to Duff!

Fud is a brand of deli meats. It could also be the sound a salami makes when it falls on the floor.

The sign on the truck hawks their Virginia Ham. (You know of course that this stuff has never been within a thousand miles of Virginia.) The tag line reads "great flavor for devouring."

Advertising slogans don't translate well.

The truck on the right distributes my all-time favorite Mexican brand.


Yes, Bimbo is Mexico's favorite bread. If you tried to market this up north, you'd have NOW on your butt before the ink was dry on your stationery.

Bimbo has "the power of wheat," whatever that means. It looks, tastes and feels exactly like Wonder Bread. If you ask for pan tostado (toast) with your breakfast, Bimbo is what you'll get. If you ask for pan integral tostado (whole wheat toast) you'll get Bimbo white bread colored with molasses, just like Wonder "whole wheat."

I'm glad it has the power of wheat, 'cause it sure doesn't have any flavor. Gotta rely on Fud for that.

One day, I'm gonna walk into a lunch bar and order a sandwich: "Gimme a Fud on Bimbo!" Just because I can.

And then I'm gonna devour it.

(All this is most amusing when you first come to Mexico. After you get your Spanish up and running, you realize that Bimbo is pronounced beam-bo, and Fud is pronounced food. Too bad.)